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To all restaurant, nightclub, banquet facility owners: Why lose valuable space and high margin special events on your patio or rooftop when you can own a retractable enclosure? 

"Close it so you can stay open"; an enclosure from us can help you keep your customers at your restaurant even during inclement weather. 

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Swim even in the rain and snow!

Summit can enclose your rooftop whether it is 20, 30 or 40 stories above ground.  Your customers will not have to venture inside when the weather becomes inclement since the system can easily be closed.

Your business will not lose revenue on the bad weather days that used to make the space useless.

You can swim when others cannot with a retractable lean-to or free-standing enclosure from Summit Retractable Enclosures. At the same time, you can protect your pool from rain, leaves or other weather conditions with one of our beautiful enclosures. Save on the pool maintenance costs while enjoying your pool year-round!

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Enclose that dead space and make it work for you!

Summit Retractable Enclosures
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Can you imagine relaxing, enjoying the great outdoors when the weather is pleasant and then simply be "inside" without even moving when the weather becomes inclement?  Now you can have it both ways with our retractable skylights and walkways. Don't let a little weather stop the party or chill time!

The only way to get year-round ROI from an outdoor area!

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